Building your first website

Building your first website can be very easy. Gone are the days when you needed to know HTML and coding to build a website. Today it is very easy to build a website by simply pushing buttons. If you know how to use the internet then you know enough to build a website. There are a lot of different software out there that makes it very easy to build your first website. There are also a lot of tools available that help you earn money from your website.

In this page you will find a step by step guide to building your first website:

Step 1 – Buy a domain name

This step is not necessary but highly recommended. You can build a website without having your own domain name but it is really stupid to do so. By not getting a domain name your limit your options, make it harder to succeed and severally reduce the value of your website if you ever want to sell it. A domain name does not cost more than $10 a year. There is no reason not to get one.

What domain name should I buy?

I recommend that you get a domain name that is relevant for the business you are going to write about but remains generic. Avoid using your own name in the domain. It can feel appropriate to name your blog but that ties you to the brand in an less than ideal way. This makes it a lot harder to sell the blog for top dollar then it would be with a more generic name. It is easy to think that you do not want to sell your blog anyway but a few years down the line when the blog is worth 20 000 and you want the down payment for a house you might think differently.

Step 2 – Get hosting

It is important to get the right hosting for the website. I recommend that you stay away from free hosting and chose a good cheap shared hosting. There are plenty to chose from.

Step 3 – Install WordPressbuilding a website

WordPress is the worlds most popular CMS. There are plenty of other to chose from but in this guide we are using WordPress. Installing the software is very easy and most hosts allow you to do it through the push of the button. Many others will do it for you if you open a ticket and ask them to do so.

To install it yourself you login to cPanel. You got the login info with the welcome email from the host. Scroll down. At the bottom of the page you will find Softaculous. Softaculous makes it very easy to install a number of different softwares. Click on WordPress. Click in the tab install. Fill in the info in the fields and press install. Congratulations. You have installed WordPress.

Step 4 – Customizing

You are now ready to login to your new WordPress installation. When you have done so you can go to appearance to chose a new theme. There are hundreds available right there in the software. You can also click on plugins to add new features to the blog. There are thousands of plugins to chose among. You should also click the settings tab to see if there is any setting you want to change.

Step 5 – Start publishing

When you have customized your site you are ready to start adding post and pages to your site. Once you do your website is ready for visitors.